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She was born to serve. Pity she doesn’t want to.

DX-4, also known as Dex, is a hybrid: not quite human, not quite machine. She spends her days running errands for her three masters, until one day she ends up in a bit of a pickle.
Meaning she could be killed for what she did.
Her masters try everything they can to help her, but will it be enough? And is her heart human enough to return their love?

A steampunk reverse harem novella set in a dystopian world, featuring a strong heroine and her loving, protective men.
Previously published in anthologies as 'Kiss my Corset' and 'Kiss my Snowflake'.
<![CDATA[My bears have a new look]]>Thu, 11 Jul 2019 19:33:05 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/my-bears-have-a-new-look
After long deliberation, I've decided to give my Claiming Her Bears series a makeover: new covers, new titles, a completely new style. Read more about this series' cover evolution on my Patreon page.

I'm in the process of updating the covers and titles everywhere and hopefully they'll show at all retailers soon.

Rescued by Bears is currently free, so this is the perfect time to start the series and dive into a post-apocalyptic Scotland full of hunky bear shifters and ancient mythology.
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<![CDATA[New pre-order: Norsemen Academy]]>Sun, 07 Jul 2019 17:58:26 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/new-pre-order-norsemen-academy
Hot Vikings, bearded Vikings, yummy Vikings! My Norsemen Academy is now available to pre-order and will be released on Saturday the 13th July.

Lainie never expected to be admitted to the prestigious Time Travel Academy.
She never expected to study runes, ancient languages and meet real life Vikings.
And she certainly didn't expect to fall for her teacher... and a Viking... and a mysterious archivist.
When a forbidden jump in time goes wrong, Lainie will have to draw on everything she's learned to make her way back into the present - and into the arms of her men.

A full-length steamy reverse harem full of action, intrigue and hot Vikings, set in both past and present. Includes resources to learn basic runes and Old Norse!

Norsemen Academy has been released as a serial previously and this omnibus combines all the episodes plus a bonus scene. If you've read the serial already, you can read the bonus scene here.
<![CDATA[Polish your claws, Meow is now available to devour!]]>Sat, 09 Mar 2019 16:34:54 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/polish-your-claws-meow-is-now-available-to-devour
If you like cats, you're in for a treat. If you don't - let yourself be purrsuaded!

The day has finally come, Meow is ready to pounce onto your bookshelves and ereaders. It's been a long time coming and I can't wait to hear what you think!

Meow is a purr-fectly hilarious urban fantasy full of cats, body parts and sassy assassins. That's right, Kat isn't just a kick-arse assassin, but also a cat shifter with a catnip addiction (pssst nobody knows about it) and some very sharp claws. If you're in the mood for action, suspense and a gritty world full of crime, but also want a lot of fun and cat puns, this is the book for you.

The second book Scratch is up for preorder now!
<![CDATA[The Cats are coming!]]>Fri, 25 Jan 2019 16:11:32 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/the-cats-are-coming
This book has been a long time in the making, but now I can finally announce that Meow is available to pre-order! It's a hilarious, action-packed book full of cat puns and body parts. Scroll down for a teaser.

Kat is used to killing people, but for a blank cheque, she's willing to do the opposite and help solve a murder - even though it sounds boring as hell. That is, until she finds some body parts in her fridge, makes friends with the neighbourhood cats and realises there may be an assassin better than her…

Suddenly, things have become purrfectly exciting.

**An urban fantasy full of cats, secrets and murders. This is a slow-burn reverse harem where Kat will find her love interests over time. Book one in the Catnip Assassins series.**
Teaser (unedited):

Meow. Meow.
I blink open my eyes only to stare into big yellow pupils lined with black. Whiskers stroke my cheeks.
I groan and close my eyes again. It feels way too early.
"Shut up," I mutter and hide my head beneath a pillow.
In response, the kitten begins to claw my shirt. Great. An alarm clock with claws. Worst invention ever.
"Piss off," I growl, but the cat doesn't budge. It's probably hungry.
I breathe in deep. It's a male. Usually, I don't let males into my bed. I sleep with them in theirs and leave before sunrise. That's the rule. No attachments. Luckily, this little male isn't human.
"Okay then," I sigh dramatically and sit up, surprising the kitten. He tumbles and lands on my thighs, meowing indignantly.
I don't apologise. It's his fault for standing on my chest.
Yawning loudly, I pick him up and climb out of the hammock. Usually, I'd get dressed, but the kitten won't stop asking for food. I'm far too easily manipulated.
I take him downstairs into the kitchen. The house is quiet, I seem to be the first one awake.
"Don't look," I warn him and open one of the cabinets, revealing my stash of cat food. It's my guilty little secret. Even to me, it smells appetising, but I've got enough of a grip on my feral side to resist the temptation. I put some of the food in a bowl and hand it to the kitten. He starts eating greedily, leaving me with an amused smile of my face.
While he's enjoying his breakfast, I make myself some beans on toast. It's that kind of day. In a way, the beans almost look like wet cat food. Not sure if that makes them more or less enticing.
He's already finished his food and still sounds hungry. Cats. Greedy little bastards.
I grin and give him some more. I feel like giving him a name, but he probably already has one. To find out, I'd need to shift but I'm not in the mood. I know cats can understand me when I'm human, but I only understand the intentions behind their meows, not actual words like names.
Maybe I'll shift later, although by then, he'll likely be gone. Unless what Lily said is true and I am training the local cats to come here for food. I can't help it.
Suddenly, a thought strikes my mind and I almost meow myself. I think I've just had the most brilliant idea.
I crouch down so I'm closer to the little kitten. He ignores me, busy eating the last remaining crumbs. No idea how he's managed to devour two bowls of cat food this fast. Even I would have taken longer than that.
"Hey little one," I say quietly. "Shall we make a deal?"
His ears twitch but he continues eating.
"How about I give you food every day and in return, you run some errands for me? Go to places and check them out? Tell me if there are any humans around? Stuff like that?"
I can feel how he's thinking about it, but he's too distracted by his meal. I sigh and wait for him to finish.
He rubs his face with his front paws and I think my heart is close to melting. He's too cute for my cold assassin heart. Maybe I shouldn't get involved with baby cats. They're bound to change me into a bubbling mess.
"So, what do you say?" I ask again. "Want to spy for me?"
<![CDATA[Kilts, Kelpies and Kisses]]>Wed, 23 Jan 2019 22:36:38 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/kilts-kelpies-and-kisses
Scottish men in kilts, sexy bear shifters, sassy heroines with magical powers... Three books, three women and a total of 11 juicy men!

I've put three of my most popular paranormal RHs into one box set, which means you can now start three different series for the price of one!
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This set contains:

1. Winter Princess (Daughter of Winter #1 - angels, Celtic mythology, Gods, demons)
2. Polar Destiny (Claiming Her Bears #1 - bear shifters, Greek mythology, post-apocalyptic)
3. From the Deeps (Seven Wardens #1 - kelpies, ghosts, selkies, loooooots of Celtic mythology)

If you've only read one of them, it's still worth getting this set!
Come on, what are you waiting for? Peek beneath the kilt and cuddle your own personal bear shifter!
<![CDATA[Four books in one epic volume]]>Sun, 06 Jan 2019 01:55:33 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/four-books-in-one-epic-volume
All four books in the bestselling Daughter of Winter series, exclusive bonus scenes plus the spin-off novella Demon's Revenge, together in one omnibus for the very first time!

One sassy Demigoddess. Four hot Guardians. A Realm to rule.

The balance between Winter and Summer is on a knife's edge, and only one person can save it. With four of her mother's strongest warriors to guard her, Wyn is thrown into a Realm full of unicorns, demons, and gods with agendas she can only dream of.

Can the Winter Princess fulfil her destiny and prevent a war that could destroy everything?

The Daughter of Winter series features four (yummy) protective men, a strong heroine, Celtic mythology, kilts, Scottish accents, ancient gods, very steamy scenes, a unicorn and even dragons.

This book contains:
  1. Winter Princess (plus bonus scenes from the men's point of view)
  2. Demon's Revenge (novella)
  3. Winter Heiress
  4. Winter Queen
  5. Winter Goddess
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<![CDATA[New release: Above the Waves]]>Sat, 24 Nov 2018 17:32:17 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/new-release-above-the-waves
Today, I've got a brand new release for you: Above the Waves, the fifth book in the Seven Wardens series. Macey is having a busy time once again: there are monsters to kill, her anger to get under control and then her brothers start inciting a civil war. Will it be too much for her to cope with? And will she finally get her waffles?

If you've not read the first four books in the series, I recommend getting the box set combining all four plus the novella Through the Storms - much cheaper that way then buying them individually.

There will be two more books in the series, Under the Ice and one that we haven't named yet. Laura and I have also written a really fun novella set in Germany during Christmas time, which is going to be published in the Holidays Between the Sheets anthology next month.
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<![CDATA[New release: Seven Wardens Omnibus]]>Thu, 15 Nov 2018 19:30:00 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/new-release-seven-wardens-omnibus
Four books in one? Can that be? Totally!

We've put together the first four books of the Seven Wardens series into an omnibus edition and thrown in the novella Through the Storms as well. By getting them all in one handy bundle, you'll not only save money but will also have them in one place on your virtual bookshelf. Or your real one - there's a massive paperback version too!

The Seven Wardens series is a paranormal reverse harem series drenched in Scottish mythology, featuring kelpies, ghosts, incubi and selkies.

The audio book for the first book in the series, From the Deeps, is in production and will be released this month! Subscribe to my newsletter to be kept up to date.
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<![CDATA[New pre-order: Polar Miracle]]>Tue, 13 Nov 2018 01:07:36 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/new-pre-order-polar-miracle
Old cover
New cover
I'm very pleased to say that Polar Miracle, the third and final book in the Drowning series, is now available to preorder and will be released on the 7th December.

Join Isla, her bears and the newest addition to their family on new adventures and challenges. I tried to give them as much happy times as I could, but sometimes, life catches up... in this case, a bloodthirsty little bear cub ;) But don't worry, there will be a happy end!

If you're searching for Polar Miracle at online retailers, you may see that there are two different covers. I'm in the process of revamping all the Polar covers and it's taking some retailers longer than others to update them. So for now, here are both, but the content is exactly the same and by the time the book goes live, they will (hopefully) all look the same.

If you've not started this series yet, now's the perfect time! The first book is called Polar Destiny​ and is available at all major book retailers.
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