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For the first time ever, you can listen to Meow (Catnip Assassins #1) for free! This action-packed cat shifter urban fantasy includes a slow-burn reverse harem romance that develops over the course of the series. Free during the month of September at the following retailers:
Assassin. Private Investigator. Cat shifter.
Kat is used to killing people, but for a blank cheque, she's willing to do the opposite and help solve a murder - even though it sounds boring as hell. That is, until she finds some body parts in her fridge, makes friends with the neighbourhood cats and realises there may be an assassin better than her...
Suddenly, things have become purrfectly exciting.
An urban fantasy full of cats, secrets and murders. This is a slow-burn reverse harem where Kat will find her love interests over time.

<![CDATA[Audiobook Sale: Claiming Her Bears]]>Wed, 07 Sep 2022 15:04:58 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/audiobook-sale-claiming-her-bears
Stock up your audiobook collection with this bearsome sale! For the first time ever, you can get Rescued by Bears for only 99 cents/pence at multiple retailers. And to make it even better, book 2 in the series is only $4.99/£4.99.

The Claiming Her Bears series is a reverse harem romance featuring one sassy heroine and four sexy bear shifters (including a polar bear!). Prepare for strong alpha males with a trace of vulnerability, an epic quest, Viking beards, very steamy scenes, Scottish landscapes, Celtic mythology and a post-apocalyptic setting.

Book 1: Rescued by Bears
When Isla finds herself on the run from an unwanted marriage, she’s found by not one but four rugged, sexy bear shifters. But rather than making her their dinner, they introduce her to a world of passion she’s never experienced before…

Book 2: Protected by Bears
With her new-found family in danger, Isla needs to gather her strength and take her destiny into her own hands. To save the bear shifters from extinction, she'll have to go up against the most powerful beings in the universe.
Because the bears are no longer just friends. They’re family.
<![CDATA[Cover Reveal: Vikingr]]>Tue, 26 Jul 2022 12:30:00 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/cover-reveal-vikingr
I'm so excited about a new series that I've had to keep secret until now. Vikings in space. How much fun is that!

I've written about Vikings before (Taking Her Vikings) and even learned some Old Norse at university, but this time I'm transporting them into the future rather than visit them in the past.
Vikingr is the first book in the Starlight Vikings and releases in September. The trilogy is set in the same universe as last year's Starlight Highlanders and this year's Starlight Monsters. If you've read Thorrn, you might even recognise one or two characters in Vikingr. 
Pre-order Vikingr
He’s an alien Viking. She has no intentions of being his captive.

Njal enjoys the life of a ruthless Vikingr captain: eat, drink and pillage to his heart's content. Then he and his crew of warriors get the worst possible news: their planet is destroyed.
If their species is to survive, they must claim females to breed offspring. Luckily, scientists at the Intergalactic University discovered that women on a backwater planet called Earth are compatible. And what does a Vikingr do once he's found his mate? Right, he abducts her.

Steff is terrified of the huge blue alien who's kidnapped her. He's wild, loud, and has never heard of table manners. But is there pain and vulnerability behind his bluster? Perhaps she can help him and his men. Not by becoming his mate, no way. By adding them to the roster of her dating agency. Maybe he won't hold her hostage if she finds him another bride…

If you want hunky alien Vikings, strong women who don't like being told what to do, steamy romance and happily-ever-afters, dive into the world of the Starlight Vikings.
<![CDATA[Get ready for Eat Your Heart Out 3]]>Mon, 25 Jul 2022 11:53:39 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/get-ready-for-eat-your-heart-out-3
Do you still have room for dessert?

After the successes of the past two years (over £3,200 / $3,900 donated to charity!), we're back for a third round of delicious romance stories. Eat Your Heart Out 3 will release on the 1st April 2023 and you can pre-order it already.

Get ready to dig into the third instalment of Eat Your Heart Out, a food-inspired romance anthology brought to you by New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors.

Roll up your sleeves, grab your forks and knives, and feast on this eclectic collection of romances. From paranormal, to science fiction, to contemporary, to romantic comedy, there's something tasty for everyone!

All net proceeds will be donated to The Hunger Project.

As always, the eBook will be available at all major retailers. Depending on the page count, we may be able to offer a paperback version again. Subscribe to my newsletter to be kept up to date with this and other releases!

<![CDATA[Celebrating Pride with LGBTQ+ Books]]>Fri, 03 Jun 2022 16:11:25 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/celebrating-pride-with-lgbtq-books
June is Pride Month so I thought I'd highlight my LGBTQ+ romance books! As a member of the rainbow community myself, I'm passionate about representing all kinds of love, no matter the gender.

Highland Butterflies is a contemporary f/f romance standalone set in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. I've been to all the places mentioned in the story, although sadly I didn't meet a beautiful single lady on the way ;)

Aliens and Animals is a f/f sci-fi romance series that I'm co-writing with the wonderful Arizona Tape. She writes a lot of sapphic romance and it's such a joy to write with her. So far, two books are published and the third will release later this month. Technically you can read them as standalones, but I recommend starting with the first, The Alien's Zookeeper.

Alien Abduction for Milkmen is my first foray into m/m romance. It's got tons of humour as well as steam, making it a little different from your usual alien romance.

I should probably also mention the adorable gay bear couple in Claiming Her Bears, even though the main characters are in a reverse harem relationship. Many readers have commented on how much they love Arnold and Bertie, and one day they might get their own book(s).
<![CDATA[New release: Eat Your Heart Out 2]]>Fri, 01 Apr 2022 07:00:00 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/new-release-eat-your-heart-out-3
Are you ready for seconds?

Eat Your Heart Out is back for 2022 with 19 brand new standalone stories from bestselling romance authors.
Pull up your chair and dig into a variety of drool-worthy stories! Whether you want to dip into something steamy, or nibble on something sweet, you'll find your perfect match amongst the pages. It doesn't matter whether you prefer your treats paranormal, contemporary or with a side of aliens, we have a dish for everyone.

All net proceeds from Eat Your Heart Out 2 will be donated to The Hunger Project and Unicef's Ukraine appeal.

Get your copy
My story in the anthology is 'My Big Sweet Waffle Monster', a prequel to my upcoming Starlight Monsters series.
<![CDATA[Cover Reveal]]>Thu, 31 Mar 2022 17:14:49 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/cover-reveal
I've kept this to myself for a long time, but now I can finally show you the project I've been working on for a while. Meet my big green alien orc!
This is the first book in a new series called Starlight Monsters, which is set in the same world as the Starlight Highlanders and The Intergalactic Guide to Humans.

Here's the blurb:

Aliens are real.
I know because they abducted me. Now I’m trapped in a deadly game and everything I do is for the entertainment of aliens. If I fail, I die. My only chance of survival is a big, scary monster…but is he truly on my side or is this yet another game?
She’s my mate.
They showed me my fated female, then took her away. I will do anything to get to her. I will tear this planet apart. And once I have found her, I will claim her as my mate.
A steamy, action-packed alien monster romance with a muscle-packed orc and the human woman he craves. If you want monstrous aliens with ‘special’ features, strong women and love against all odds, get this book today!
Each book in the Starlight Monsters series can be read as a standalone and features a happy ever after.

By the way, the prequel to this series is currently published in the Eat Your Heart Out 2 anthology.
<![CDATA[A FREE SFR Advent Calendar]]>Sat, 20 Nov 2021 15:09:49 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/a-free-sfr-advent-calendar
I'm so pleased to announce that our surprise sci-fi romance advent calendar is now available!

Reach for the stars with twenty-four first chapters from bestselling romance novels, perfect to fill up that reading list for the holidays. Aliens, cyborgs, mail-order brides, shifters, and out-of-this-world love stories await you.
Read one tasty nibble each day for free, and see if you can resist clicking to buy the whole book afterward (handy links provided to make it easier)!

Plus, exclusive behind-the-scenes insights about your favourite authors. How do they come up with ideas? How do they spend the festive period? You'll get answers to those questions, as well as fun tidbits about pets, unruly characters and the craft of writing.

The ebook is FREE, but we also have a beautiful print version to make it extra special. All proceeds from the print book go to Book Aid International, a charity that provides books to libraries, schools, universities, refugee camps, hospitals and prisons worldwide.

If you like a day's chapter, be sure to tell us using #SFRadventcalendar on social media!
Get the advent calendar
<![CDATA[The Starlight Highlanders Series is complete!]]>Wed, 27 Oct 2021 18:59:08 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/the-starlight-highlanders-series-is-complete
The third book in the Starlight Highlander trilogy is finally here: with Cyle, the trilogy is now complete.
It feels like ages ago that I started writing Thorrn, the first book, which also features Cyle as a side character. Now he got his own story which might actually be the most important story of them all. I don't want to give away too much, but Cyle has all the answers… or at least he will have them once he meets his human mate. 

Once again this book is full of kilts, kisses and a bit of knotting. After all, Beth has to take full advantage of what alien features her mate is hiding under that kilt.
If you want hot alien Highlanders in kilts, strong women who don't like being told what to do, fated mates and happily-ever-afters, dive into the world of the Starlight Highlanders.
find out more
<![CDATA[New anthology: Cyber Pulse]]>Fri, 18 Jun 2021 14:13:25 GMThttp://skyemackinnon.com/news/new-anthology-cyber-pulse
The Cyber Pulse anthology is now available! Nine stories of out-of-this-world romance featuring LGBTQ+ characters.

My story in the collection is The Alien's Zookeeper, co-written with the wonderful Arizona Tape. When Tilly gets abducted along with all her zoo animals, the only person who can help her is the alien who accidentally brought her onto the spaceship. A lesbian romance with a strong human woman and a swoon-worthy alien female willing to give up everything for her mate.

Love is love...anywhere in the universe.

Whether they meet on alien planets or spaceships, through mate lotteries or by chance, the characters in these stories of aliens and humans, alphas and omegas, M/M, F/F, bisexual, transgender, and more will leave you breathless.

By the way, you can get a signed The Alien's Zookeeper paperback in my shop!
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