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Romance Books Set in Scotland

Happy St Andrew’s Day!

On Scotland’s national holiday, I thought I’d highlight just how many of my books are set here in Scotland. As a Scottish author, I love showing off my country in my stories – even the negative aspects, like midges (I turned them into tiny demons in the Daughter of Winter series).

From Stirling, where I studied, to the islands I love to visit, to the west coast where I live now… I’ve covered Scotland’s past (Mary Queen of Scots’ story in Saving His Queen), present (e.g. life on Edinburgh’s streets in Frozen Heart) and its future (Scottish Mars in The Mars Diaries).

Map of Scotland with books by Skye MacKinnon

My latest release, Her Mountain Lords in the Eat Your Heart Out – Holiday Edition anthology, is set in the Scottish Highlands and features a Cairngorms mountain rescue volunteer who suddenly finds herself faced with two cursed mountain men… In a fire-lit cave, romance blossoms as she tries to free them from their curse before the winter solstice ends.

So there you go, all my books set in Scotland. Sometimes, I feel like Scotland has become a recurring character, not just a setting for me.

Have you been to Scotland? What places would you love to visit?

Eat Your Heart Out - Holiday Edition
Get comfortable by the fire and get your favourite seasonal snacks at the ready for this fun-filled selection of food-themed romances from bestselling romance authors.

Whether you want to be abducted with a mug of eggnog, trapped in a log cabin with a sexy woodsmen, or dig into a Yule log with your fated mate, there’s something for everyone in this collection of contemporary, paranormal, and sci-fi romances.

All proceeds from the Eat Your Heart Out anthologies will be donated to charity.

Includes stories by:
Linzi Basset
Lily Blue
Demelza Carlton
C.D. Gorri
Zoey Indiana
Jessalyn Jameson
J. Jameson
Skye MacKinnon
TB Mann
Mia Williams
Anika Willmanns