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The Alien's Zookeeper
The stars gave her a mate... and a rhino.

Tilly doesn’t believe in aliens. At least, she didn’t, until she gets abducted along with half the animals of her zoo. When you and your rhino are stuck in a cage on a spaceship, it’s hard not to believe. One of them, an elf-eared female, seems ready to help her find a way back to Earth, but is that really what Tilly wants?

Bavalla’s messed up big time. She wasn’t supposed to abduct a sentient being, but now that she’s face to face with a female who’s not only intelligent but also very attractive, she has to figure out what to do. Telling the Captain would result in severe punishment, but how do you hide a human who’s very intent on saving not just herself, but all her animals as well?

This book is also available as part of: Aliens and Animals

What readers say...

I found this to be funny and entertaining, as well as an unusual premise. Who hasn't had a day at work that got kind of boring?... I can't wait for the next in the series. The F/F component makes the book stronger. The world building is excellent.

Amazon Review

Skye, thanks for the very sweet and fairly simple story. Especially when neither woman would have called themselves lesbian before they met each other. That is how love is, it can happen anytime between any people...

Amazon Review

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