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The Intergalactic Guide to Humans: Volume 1
Three steamy alien abduction romance audiobooks in one boxset! If you love hot aliens, strong heroines and hilarious misunderstandings, get this collection today!

Alien abductions aren’t easy. Havel, Matar and Xil have failed too many times to count. Their only hope is enrolling in an abduction course at the prestigious Intergalactic University. To complete their course, these three sexy aliens need to abduct, probe, and tame a human female – and they’re graded on it.

They think they’ve found their perfect human abductee, but Trish has no intentions of making it easy for them. Being probed by aliens wasn’t on her to-do list, no matter how good-looking they are. But, they are persistent, and she soon finds herself wooed with chocolate, awful lingerie, and a space bunny pet.

When one of their university professors turns into a murderous maniac, Trish needs to decide whether to play along and save her aliens. Together, they might stand a chance, but is she ready to become their mate?

What readers say...

THIS. WAS. SO. FUN... i'm super happy with the way their story ended. if you're looking for a fun, quick, and spicy alien story, definitely consider picking this one up!

Amazon Review

Adorable ending to this sci-fi alien reverse harem full of comedy and heat... If your looking for a humorous cross species rh that will make you laugh at the silliness this is a great read (trilogy) to pass the time with.

The narrators bring these characters to life... There’s never any doubt who is speaking in the story and they just do amazing

Amazon Review
the intergalactic guide to humans audiobook

Narrated by

Bridget & Jake Bordeaux

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Box set cover 6x9 (Large)
Books 1-3