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An alien mercenary in Scotland

Thorrn only travelled to Earth to find women compatible with his species, even though he expects to stay alone for the rest of his cursed life. Broken inside and out, he’s sure no female could ever want him. But that all changes when he sets his eyes on a sassy Earth woman with fiery red hair and a temper to match. With his mating instincts running wild, he will have to decide whether to claim her or return her to his planet to be studied by scientists.

A human businesswoman in search of love

Jenny has finally managed to leave her abusive boyfriend and is ready to start a new life. Promoting a new dating agency seems like just the project to distract herself with. While meeting an alien who looks like a hot Highlander wasn’t part of her plan, when he offers to protect her from her crazy ex, she’s tempted to take him up on his offer. Besides, she really needs to know what he hides beneath his kilt.
But when she finds out that his people intend to study her like a lab rat, can she trust him any more than her ex?

This book is also available as part of: Stars & Seduction
Paperback ISBN: 9781913556419

What readers say...

This book was a fun ride from start to finish! I absolutely loved the concept, and those amazing aliens and their amazing appendages... double wow! Beam me up!

~ Tasha Black
author of the Alien Adoption Agency series

Jenny was finished with guys but she sure did like looking at guys in kilts with muscles, and were they wearing anything up under there? Thorrn was an alien that was along for the ride because he felt that he was broken until he saw Jenny. Fun and fast read with just enough steam and other stuff to make it enjoyable!

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