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He’s an alien Viking. She has no intentions of being his captive.

Njal enjoys the life of a ruthless Vikingr captain: eat, drink and pillage to his heart’s content. Then he and his crew of warriors get the worst possible news: their planet is destroyed.

If their species is to survive, they must claim females to breed offspring. Luckily, scientists at the Intergalactic University discovered that women on a backwater planet called Earth are compatible. And what does a Vikingr do once he’s found his mate? Right, he abducts her.

Steff is terrified of the huge blue alien who’s kidnapped her. He’s wild, loud, and has never heard of table manners. But is there pain and vulnerability behind his bluster? Perhaps she can help him and his men. Not by becoming his mate, no way. By adding them to the roster of her dating agency. Maybe he won’t hold her hostage if she finds him another bride…

This book is also available as part of: Starlight Vikings: Books 1-3

What readers say...

I haven’t read any other books in the series but this book packed a lot of action into a quick, enjoyable read... If you like alien abduction/fated mate stories where no one is harmed, this story is for you!

Amazon Review

Just what I was looking for and didn't know I wanted. As aways a lovely solid read with this author, she writes beautifully and I always get a good giggle in aswell. Ticked all the boxes and I'm looking forward to reading on in the series.

Amazon Review

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