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My Big Green Alien Orc
Aliens are real.

I know because they abducted me. Now I’m trapped in a deadly game and everything I do is for the entertainment of aliens. If I fail, I die. My only chance of survival is a big, scary monster…but is he truly on my side or is this yet another game?

She’s my mate.

They showed me my fated female, then took her away. I will do anything to get to her. I will tear this planet apart. And once I have found her, I will claim her as my mate.

This book is also available as part of: Stars & Seduction

What readers say...

I enjoyed this orc alien romance. It's well-written and the creatures/planet are very interesting...
I would recommend this book to people new to the alien romance genre. It's a nice and easy intro.

Amazon Review

...I loved this story, it's fast paced, original and has amazing characters.

Amazon Review

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