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They took her freedom. Now she’ll take their lives.

Voluntary kidnapping. That’s new even for Kat. Trapped, tortured and without any sign of her sister’s whereabouts, she can only do one thing: release the beast within and hope she doesn’t lose her humanity. Nor her family.

Relationships will be broken. New alliances will be forged. And yes, there will be more kittens.

This book is also available as part of: Catnip Assassins: Books 5-7, Catnip Assassins: Books 1-7
Paperback ISBN: 9781913556099
Hardcover ISBN: 9781913556792

What readers say...

...It was epic and with a plot twist I did not see coming.
And the cliffhanger OMG!!!! I can't wait to read the next book!

Amazon Review

I absolutely adore Kat! The story is excellent, it is original and the plot keeps twisting and things keep happening which are totally unexpected... I cannot wait for the next instalment

Amazon Review
Claw audiobook

Narrated by

Melody Muzljakovich

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Books 1-4
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Books 5-7
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