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Above The Waves
Magic, mythology and romance combine in this bestselling action-packed fantasy series!

The truth about her family leads to Macey questioning everything she’s ever known about herself. Even though she wants to get to the bottom of the lies she’s been told, she knows she has more important things to focus on.

With poisonous rage growing inside her, Macey is starting to lose control of herself, something that can only lead to more problems.

Can the Wardens figure out what’s going on before it’s too late?

Books in Series

beyond the loch NEW copy (Large)
From The Deeps NEW (Large)
Book 1
through the storms NEW (Large)
Book 1.5
Into The Mists NEW (Large)
Book 2
Beneath The Earth NEW (Large)
Book 3
within the flames NEW (Large)
Book 4
above the waves NEW (Large)
Book 5
Below the Baubles NEW (Large)
Book 5.5
under the ice NEW 1 (Large)
Book 6
rule the dark NEW (Large)
Book 7
Inside The Egg NEW
Book 8
Seven Wardens
Books 1-4
Seven Wardens 2
Books 5-7
Seven Wardens 1-7
The Complete Series
The official Seven Wardens Colouring Book
Colouring Book